Export to Google Earth KML

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ASTERIX Analyzer provides a tool to export tracks into KML format, and later it's possible to visualize the tracks in Google Earth application.

To generate KML file, the ASTERIX data record must contain the following information:

  • Valid track number or ICAO 24-bit address
  • Valid position in WGS-84 coordinates

For CAT062

  • I062/040 - Track Number
  • I062/105 - Calculated Track Position (WGS-84)
  • I062/380 - Aircraft Derived Data, subfield #1


The Google Earth KML export dialog is as below.


It composes the following options:

Option Description
Flight Identification One aircraft should be identified and distinguished by track number or ICAO 24-bit address.
KML Style It’s possible to generate two types of KML, static and dynamic. A static KML will show static trajectory of each aircraft; A dynamic KML will show flight animation.
Flight Level If flight level doesn’t exist in data record, it’s possible to use the flight level in previously received data record of the same aircraft, or just set it to zero.
Save KML file to Location to save KML file.
Google Earth is detected at If Google Earth is installed, system will detect its installation path.
Auto load in Google Earth Launch Google Earth and load generated KML.


Here are samples of generated KML in Google Earth.