Radar North Marker & Sector Missing Analyze


The radar north marker and sector message missing analyze tool is used to detect any missing north marker message and sector message received from a specific radar.

For north marker message, system will calculate time interval of two north marker messages. If the interval is greater than radar rotation period plus a tolerance value, system will assume one north marker message is missiong, and a warning message will be printed.

For sector message, system will check if the sector number in a sequence of messages is continue. If not, system will assume one or more sector messages are missing, and warning message(s) will be printed.


To make a correct analyze on north marker and sector messages, it requires:

  • A valid time is included in north marker message
  • A valid sector is included in sector message

It means, the following dataitems must be included in received ASTERIX message.

Category 002

  • I002/000 - Message Type
  • I002/030 - Time of Day
  • I002/020 - Sector Number

Category 034

  • I034/000 - Message Type
  • I034/030 - Time of Day
  • I034/020 - Sector Number

User Interface

The main window of radar north marker & sector missing analyze tool is as below.

Main Window

Before starting analyze, it's necessary to open the configuration window by clicking on Settings button.

Configuration Window

The meaning of each parameter is listed below.

Parameter Description
SAC/SIC SAC and SIC of radar
Rotation Period Radar antenna rotation period
Sector Number Number of sectors a radar will report in one antenna rotation
UAP UAP of radar data
Frame Type Frame type of radar data
Verify SAC/SIC If selected, only data match SAC and SIC will be processed. If not selected, all data will be processed.
North Marker Missing If selected, system will analyze radar north marker message missing
Delay Tolerance Tolerance on north marker message delay, in a north marker is received more than antenna rotation period + tolerance, system will assume one north marker message is missing in the middle
Sector Missing If selected, system will analyze sector message missing
Recording File Recording file for analyze, support rex and rei file

| When all parameters are set, analyze can be started by clicking on Start button; and process can be interrupted by clicking on Stop button.

During the process, if any north marker or sector message missing is detected, a log message will be printed.

When analyze finish, statistic information will be printed.

Process Log