Random Flight

How it work?

A random flight, as saying in its name, will fly randomly in space. Considering the huge size of the space (whole earth surface), in reality, it's needed to set a working area and make aircraft flying only in its working area.

Once a random flight starts to run, it will randomly select two points in its working area, and fly from the start point to the end point. When flight reach the end point, it will randomly select another point in its working area, and fly to this point.

So the route of a random flight will look like:

174158N0805817E DCT 164759N0874121E DCT 185835N0810057E

And when it reaches the point 185835N0810057E, the route will automatically change to:

174158N0805817E DCT 164759N0874121E DCT 185835N0810057E DCT 113648N0801831E

On creation of random flight, it will create initial route for at least 1 hour flying.

How to use?

Random flight can be used when you need to send a number of flights to external system, but don't need to seriously control the route of each flight. This is useful when you are making generic operation/test in external system.

Another typical case is performance test and capacity test, it's easy to create 1000 flights and 32 sensors, and send all those targets to external system, to reach its capacity and check its performance in this situation.

Create Random Flight

Following are the steps to create random flight.

  • Step 1

    Man menu -> Simulation -> Flight -> Create Random Flights;

    Or Main Toolbar -> Random.

    Open Random Flight Window.

  • Step 2

    Fill parameters in Random Flight Window.

    Click Check to make sure all parameters are correct.

  • Step 3

    Click Create to create a number of random flights.

  • Step 4

    In Main Window, switch to Flight List View, check random flights are created.

Here is a sample of Random Flight Window.

Random Flight Window
And the meaning of each parameter is listed below.

Parameter Description Format Example Note
Airline The airline ICAO code [A-Z]{3} DLH This parameter will be used as the first three letters of callsign, a 4-digit number will be automatically attached to form the callsign of each flight
SSR Code The SSR code range of flights [0-7]{4} 1277 System will try to find and assign a non-duplicated code in this range, but if not possible, any code in this range could be assigned
Altitude Flight level range, unit is flight level, or 100 feet [0-9]{3} 320 System will assign a random level in this range
Speed Ground speed range [0-9]{3} 400 System will assign a random ground speed in this range
Fly Range Working area of flights DDMMSS[N/S] DDDMMSS[E/W] 0455933E The route of flight will be limited in this range
Number Number of flights will be created [0-9]+ 15 Range 1-1000. Each flight will randomly select its own SSR, level, speed, Mode-S address, ...